Status: Success


Back to the Castle

*Snow navigated down to the perennial destination, the Bronze Pear
*Side diversion to the JFK Presidential Library, hijinx ensued atop a massive kinetic sculpture
*Snow smashes a bottle trying to dispose of it, XXIII discovers a steering dampener tragedy in his bag, where his large container completely emptied itself
*Snacks and camaraderie at Castle Island, pilots swap ships
*Smooth sailing back through South Boston, more chilling on the back patio of the ICA
*Route diverted due to the de-installation of the giant net sculpture over the Greenway
*Easy riding back to base through the Cambridge System
*Late night buzz of Metro Pedal Power
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Beetle Juice Yer Mom 0  
Deadblow Crowley 565.697   Vice Admiral
dogi Wheelie 422.687  
DrClaw Shockwave 1336.31  
Silfr Truxy 618.905   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Snow Mjollnir 737.304   Lieutenant
Threespeed Saint Christopher 968.228  
Wombat ATM Machine 475.571   Admiral, Fleet Ready
XXIII ReFLEX 540.848  
Task Force Pilot
Airlock Threespeed
Chalk Bag Silfr
Cleaner Deadblow
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Com-Sat 2 Beetle Juice
Compressor Wrangler Threespeed
Damage Control Deadblow
Deck Officer Beetle Juice
Flat Bag Silfr
Gate Attendant Snow
Medi Bag Beetle Juice
Minister of Zoobs DrClaw
Mission Debriefer Wombat
Mission Leader DrClaw
Mission Reporter Beetle Juice
MRC Officer DrClaw
Navigator Snow
Radiobox 1 DrClaw
Radiobox 2 Silfr
Recycler DrClaw
Stellar Cartographer Deadblow
Sticker Bag Silfr
Still Cam dogi
Tailgunner XXIII
Tool Bag Silfr
Wookiee Bag Threespeed

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Tyler
DestinationThe Ancient Past
Light Years22.8026
G-Well Activity1.0284
Technical Rating1.9928