Civitron, his new cadet, Dark Guardian of the Galaxy NYC, and the young pilots of the Starchasers Academy patrolled the skies over the Buttonwood Constellation in search of cups, mushrooms, and pachyderm poop. The cups were crushed, mushrooms were spotted but sadly only the foul stench of Emily's and Ruth's excrement could be detected. Throughout the constellation, the food stood in awe as our mighty starships flew by, busting the funk on this triumphant twilight!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Civitron Artemis 1332.43   Vice Admiral
Dark Guardian Merica 503.564   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Golden Eagle Civilianship 108.453   Aviator
Mad Owl Angry Candy 142.635  
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock Civitron
Chalk Bag Mad Owl
ComSat Monkey Golden Eagle
Damage Control Civitron
Deck Officer Civitron
Deck Officer Asst. Dark Guardian
Flat Bag Civitron
Medi Bag Mad Owl
Mission Leader Civitron
Mission Reporter Civitron
MRC Officer Civitron
Navigator Civitron
Radio Wrangler Civitron
RadioBox A Civitron
Skynet Operator (post-mission) Civitron
Stellar Cartographer Civitron
Sticker Bag Civitron
Still Cam Dark Guardian
Tailgunner Dark Guardian
Tool Bag Dark Guardian
Division: SCD
Date: 09/05/2015
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Jonathan
Destination: Buttonwood Loop
Light Years: 5.5794
G-Well Activity: 0.5
Technical Rating: 1