Beach Blanket Burrito Bros.
Though the daystar hung high, the weather was sweet. So, exploration of the new wormhole in the southern quadrant was in order. First, however, Civitron and the Dark Guardian required delicious molecules of the burrito variety. Break out the Mexonomnomnomnomicron!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Civitron Artemis 1559.23   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Dark Guardian Merica 531.55   Aviator
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock Civitron
Damage Control Civitron
Deck Officer Civitron
Deck Officer Asst. Dark Guardian
Flat Bag Dark Guardian
Food Wrangler Civitron
Mission Leader Civitron
Mission Reporter Civitron
MRC Officer Civitron
Navigator Civitron
Sentry Civitron
Skynet Operator (post-mission) Civitron
Stellar Cartographer Civitron
Still Cam Civitron
Tailgunner Dark Guardian
Division: SCD
Date: 09/04/2015
Status: Success 
Destination: Burrito Quandrant
Light Years: 11.2904
G-Well Activity: 1
Technical Rating: 2