Status: Success


Art In The Third Dimension!

There's HONK! goin' on. Set course to rendezvous with distress call. After that, we set course for the best public art in the Boston Starsystem cluster, and took some 3d photos. Minimal ST activity.

To view these 3d photos you will need a stereograph viewer.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Cor Leonis 806.377  
Datam0sh Compliance 0  
DrClaw Shockwave 564.337  
DreadFlint Bonnie & Clyde 351.123   Commodore
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 722.626  
Red Squirrel Centvrion 470.231   Ensign
Sidekick Star Hustler (Bombardier) 0  
Sprocket Mad Rabbit 380.942   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Treekiller Doctor Love 510.465  
Tyrian Spooky Pirate 422.031  
Wombat Star Hustler 405.837  
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
Deck Officer BaneThunderwolf
Gate Attendant BaneThunderwolf
Navigator Sprocket
Tailgunner Treekiller
Com-Sat 1 BaneThunderwolf
Tool Bag Wombat
Flat Bag Wombat
Medi Bag Red Squirrel
Wookiee Bag Tyrian
Sticker Bag Datam0sh
Chalk Bag DreadFlint
Still Cam Fleet Admiral Skunk
Airlock Tyrian
Life Support 1 Fleet Admiral Skunk
Life Support 2 DrClaw
Damage Control DrClaw
Mission Reporter Wombat

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderFleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Size11 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationPublic Art Patrol
Light Years17.9082
G-Well Activity3.314
Technical Rating2.226