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Don't Tell Mom II - Electric Boogaloo

Episode V

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been
destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their
hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

We started in SPACE (not EARTH space) we each had 12 wookie dongs and
tried to keep them alive through the night. None survived, so we had a
wicked wookie dong roast and all were welcome. then we all died and
went to SOTVOCORE and hung out with Kaless the unforgettable and drank
$240 worth of blood wine and then we went to the ancient icecream
island sex cave and watched all the ponies that had been banished from
Carealot get it on. aaaaahhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeaahhh!

This mission was small compared to weeks preceding, as V-Dogg, Moose,
Skunk, and Moneyshot all went with Rotwang to the Olde Parentwang
Homestead. There were two maggots, Dopey and OldNome, who were
promoted to Aviators after the mission. Diva and WalTor showed up to
see the pilots off, and also to make sure that no one set the fort on
fire or did anything inordinately stupid. Skunk being away, USB
Catastrophe was available, and Nameless gleefully decided to show it a
good time. (\"A Good Time\" means, \"Encouraged As Many People As
Possible To Ride It Sans Spacesuits\".)

PigPen navigated this mission, leading the pilots through Inman Square
to Magazine Beach. We stopped there for mechanicals, spacesuit
removal, and consumption of beer molecules.

Activities included chewing with one\'s mouth open, leaving the toilet
lid open, not brushing one\'s teeth, and eating ice cream for
breakfast. Eventually we made it back to Fort Summer, with no serious
damage to ships or pilot

Evil Twin and Nosepicker schoolboyed the biscuits out of UglySac,
which was hilarious. He got all mad and everyone laughed at him.

We invented a new game where you sneak up behind a pilot and blow your
nose on him/her. They get a point every time that happens. Nosepicker
lost with a high score of 23.5.

After that we rode to Earth New Hampshire and everyone got
Intersomethingorother medals, which was cool, but we flatted all our
space-tubes and had to walk back through the ocean, which is kind of
like being nekkid in space, but with less hamburgers.

In closing remember the words from that famous once scientist; \"You
know in Star Wars, where they say \'We\'re going where nobody has ever
been?\' That\'s where we\'re going.\" That\'s where we went.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Skylab 292.479  
eHawk Devastation 103.165  
Nameless Pride 235.813  
Nosepicker Filthy Def A Kator 180.962  
swass G.I. Jane 79.3522   Aviator
Twitch Civilian Ship 36.1925  
UglySac $2 Drafts! 325.733  
Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 7 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years16.008
G-Well Activity1.3675
Technical Rating2.809