Status: Success


Like playa through the hourglass, So are the days of our lives.

It was the best of times it was the worst of times as we chopped my
hardest mission yet through the most wonderful place on earth. Playa
times are getting rough these days with sand dune inflation running
amok. Medals of strength were given to those upon tall bikes and
medals of valor to all. I, myself, nearly traded mine both for medals
of injury on several occasions. It\'s a lucky thing pedestrians in
Black Rock City are very eager to heed the call of a desperate goof
screaming \"No brakes! No brakes!\".

Our mission objective was to see the sites of Black Rock City and get
acquainted with the local folk. We were joined by Biggles of Chicago\'s
Rat Patrol which made for a really strengthening of the gangs\'

We stopped off a several choice locations such as the Lost Penguin, a
popular hang out that weeek for all Scul pilots, both active and those
on leave in distant galaxies such as Sparky and Tankgirl.

We rocked the BRC Diner featuring late-night grilled cheese and took
them for all they\'re worth, Mmm Mmm Mmm. We hit up Rat Patrol\'s camp
to check out Johnny Payphone\'s ship and oh mine is it a beauty. Pretty
much everyone tried to ride it and pretty much everyone failed except
for the very talented Pywacket

On the way back across the playa we paid an obligatory visit to The
Man where in I failed a critical saving throw and quite literally
kissed the ground he walked on. Ouch.

Despite the difficultly, or possible as a result, spirits ran higher
than ever at the end of mission. Such is typically the effect that
turbulent flight has on battle-torn pilots. The night ended with an
inspired group embrace (don't forget the knighting! --Y.) that
devolved into a short funk bust and then we all promptly went home and
got a lot of sleep.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Buckminister Civilian Ship 431.72  
Dishpan Color Wheel 426.67   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Leotard Lazarus 750.508  
magneato The Halting Problem 205.408  
pecan Popcycle 481.408   Vice Admiral
pywaket IvoryTower 436.038   Vice Admiral
Yarko Burning Chrome 0  
Task Force Pilot
Food Wrangler Dishpan
Mission Debriefer pecan
Mission Leader Leotard
Mission Reporter magneato
Navigator Leotard
Radiobox 1 Leotard
Tailgunner Yarko
Tool Bag Buckminister

Mission Parameters

OriginCamp AutoSub
Light Years4.86
G-Well Activity0
Technical Rating7