Status: Success


65 Charity 36 Insanity

It was nicely appropriate that the Earth-Sun would appear on the day named for it. BlockheadBuriBukh awoke with the Earth-Sun and set off on his trusty Subot EI, in celebration of the newfound lack of radiation in the atmosphere.

His travel took him down to the Jamaica Plains System where he stumbled upon a large gathering of Hu-Mans and a collection of their ships. This was the launching pad for Hu-Man flight operations and Blockhead decided he would try to blend in. It was a failure and “are you in SCUL?” was the second-most asked question of Blockhead that day (first being “are you going to ride 65 miles on that?”). Blockhead noticed many SCUL pilots undercover piloting Earth Ships, but he kept their cover. Smasher, Gluteus Maximus and Masokist were among them. Threespeed was serving as a mechanic for the Hu-Mans, which made Blockhead very happy when they insisted one of the mechanics inspect his ship. SCUL technology did not fall into Hu-Man hands.

The Hu-Man chief lined the pilots up to launch. Nobody was promoted and no ships were christened. The launch call was made and the pilots went smack into a negi G-Well. After much huffing and climbing, Blockhead began to cruise through the Needham, Wellesley, Dover and Natick systems. He had become separated from many of the Hu-Man pilots, but began to understand the flying patterns. Around the Sherborn system a group of the Hu-Man pilots were doing the “made a wrong turn” flying maneuver, a truly impressive flight pattern but one SCUL has avoided with its crack preparedness. Blockhead joined in the maneuver and blended in with the crowd where one Hu-Man mistook him for an Earth-Hero named Captain America. Shortly after the flight path was regained a transport was set up with plenty of bagels and fruit so the pilots stopped to refuel.

The next stretch lead through the Medfield, Millis, Norfolk and Foxborough systems. The Hu-Man pilots were spread out in deep-space formation and NoWay, piloting a Hu-Man vessel, helped guide Blockhead through the Hu-Man flight directions. NoWay had been studying the Hu-Man flight paths, but even he had problems deciphering the instructions. At one point he located a Hu-Man totem intended to help people get “over the hill” and so he strapped it to his ship to see if it would help. A stop in Foxborough at a luna for bluefuel and peanut M&Ms was not on the Hu-Man instructions, but was quite welcome and needed. The next scheduled landing was in Sharon, but the Hu-Mans did not prepare ample fuel at this stop and were it not for the luna, Blockhead would've had none.

The next twenty miles were a mixture of painful G-Wells and fun curves through Canton and Milton. Blockhead approached a familiar looking site from the South: the Boston system. He had never seen it from that angle before, not had he been in Mattapan when he was not on a hunt for the elusive Curried Goat. The Hu-Man flight pattern immediately failed as signals for various paths overlapped with no distinction and the written version contained errors such as “make a right” when what was meant was “make a left”. Thankfully NoWay took control of the instructions as Blockhead is lost on that side of the Charles Asteroid Belt.

There was a refueling station where Blockhead feasted on rice and beans before he and Masokist flew back to the familiar territory of the Somerville system.

Once in the Davis Constellation, however, Blockhead decided to head out on the Minuteman Flight Path, through the Arlington and Lexington systems before heading back home. Not to be outdone, on the last stretch Blockhead stopped to help two Hu-Man pilots repair their ship.

65 light years BNB ride + 15 light years there and back + 10.5 light years on the minuteman each way = 101 light years, give or take for lostness and/or lack of straightness.

Systems scouted = approximately 20

Injuries = none

Mechanicals = none

Money raised for charity = $375

Money raised for Blockhead's eventual knee replacement = none

Amount of intel gathered on Hu-Man pilots = being calculated.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Blockhead Buri Bukh Subot EI 930.729   Commander
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Paulina
Light Years101
G-Well Activity2.876
Technical Rating2.1386