Status: Success


Century Of Evil And Death

::Begin Transmission::

The following report is from the onboard computer of Onath's Ship

Onath and Spooky went out on the first century of the 2005 SCUL season. The two pilots started their by being escorted by Scurvy and Mittens through a parade in Onath and Spooky's honor of the century. The pilots collected lots of high fives and I mean lots and lots and lots and you get the point. The high fives and cups were in uncharted numbers for any mission. The pilots went from their and sped off south enjoying the coast and feeling strong. They stopped for Hu-man girls who were selling liquid lemon refreshments. Then continued on towards G-wells more and more g-wells. While the two pilots were battling the G-wells. WARNING WARNING WARNING::: RADIATION OVERLOAD:::: WARNING WARNING WARNING. The next section of the mission has been burned by the heavy radiation damage that occurred to the two pilots. They then ventured into deep woods preserve know as Wompatuck in the Endor system. However little did the pilots realize that pestilence was about to strike. The two pilots were swarmed by mosquitos lots and lots. They pushed on trying to faster and faster to get away from the bugs but they were unrelenting. The pilots have now been burned by solar lazors, suffered heavy radiation, pestilence, and last but not least famine. After leaving Wompatuck the two pilots began to become woozy from lack of food molecules and made a few false moves in their directions. This added many miles on to their route. Luckily Sweetums using Eye in the sky technology was able to put the two wayward pilots back on the correct route. The only thing on the pilots minds now was FOOD MOLECULES. But, alas every place the pilots frequented was closed due to some patriotic day for the universe they were frequenting. Finally many miles later they came across the luna store D'angelos. The pilots were refueled and ready to continue their journey. The pilots sped forth towards the boston system continueing with the unrelentless g-wells they had all mission. Finally the two pilots caught a glimpse of the city skyline and with many war cries flew at uncharted warp speeds into the city and were greated by many a black clad civilian at luna Au tua Nua.


Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Onath Delirium 2161.83  
Spooky Pale Horse 1285.24   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size2 pilots
Originsouthern mass
DestinationFort summer
Light Years111.03
G-Well Activity2
Technical Rating2.1