Status: Success


Centvrion LoveII

Nameless and Nosepicker promised accompany eachother on a centurion century. This was Nameles's turn.

Super-Posi! Uh, except for the end. Pilots left Ft. Summer and headed for the Minuteman bikepath. There was metal. NP and -x went off trail with buckets of crashing and foliage encouters. There was food and metal. We made one loop of the Bike path then it was off to watertown syste,.

Then we went to 7 cycles and had lunch with skunk (in watertown system) we had samages and root beah. We derbied three times -X won the first two then skunk won the third.

Then it was back to the minute man trail. On the way we discovered a field and a skate park, nosepicker took summer off some sweet jumps and crashed. So did -X it was fun.

We ran into Pigpen in davis sq. And she rode the last 60 light years with us. We made it up the path once stoped to see diva and waltor and they let us rest for a while.
Yeah. By the end Nosepicker had broken the welds on the bottombracket and the thing was falling off yeah. w

the end.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Nameless Centvrion 699.297  
Nosepicker Summer 1793.39  
Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 2 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years100
G-Well Activity0.975
Technical Rating0.976