Status: Failure


Dash to the Cape, Dashed to the Rocks

On a whim, Skunk and Vomit decided to attempt 2-day mission out to the
Provincetown System. Feeling up to an extra challenge, the brave
pilots decided to wait until noon to leave the fort, loaded up with
many extra pounds of stuff, and headed out into an oncoming rainstorm
with no planning other than a cape cod route map and rain booties.
Drawing on their wealth of experience points, the pilots were able to
evade many possible hazards. They miraculously dodged the rain clouds
for many miles, the fates were with them and their spirits were high.
They were moving along at speeds uncommonly high for loaded choppers,
traveling through very hospitable terrain and making good diplomatic
relations with the locals.

Perhaps the pilots were feeling a little too invincible, for Fate
dedided to turn on them. It all happened on a picturesque little
country road. BANG! Vomit looked down to see JanBrady's forward
thruster limping sadly along. Unfortunately, the outer plasma casing
had suffered a major structural breach. Fortunately, SCUL pilots on
the Warrior's ride last year had developed a temporary fix for this
type of damage, and Skunk and Vomit were able to use that knowledge to
get the wounded ship back on the road.

But from that point on, the
tide had turned against them. G-well activity began to increase as the
sun went down. The pilots were hungry and tired, and were in a race
against the clock to find a campsite for the night. They made it to
the Plymouth System where locals were able to direct them to a
somewhat nearby source for a replacement navigational thruster casing.
After loading up with supplies from Luna Benny's, the pilots then
proceeded directly to Miles Standish State Park in search of a landing
spot for the night.

With no time to stop for refueling, the pilots
used up all their fuel reserves by pedaling as fast as they could over
seemingly endless g-well activity as the heavens opened up and the
rain started to come down. At this point, Vomit's headlight began to
falmunction and the terrain became very inhospitible to bicycle
activity. Transports were whipping by them along the small dark roads
with nothing in sight but hills and trees. After over an hour of
searching through the park, they had no choice but to pull of the road
at what turned out to be a very lovely little camping spot near a
pond. However, the rain coupled with the headlight/flashlight which
had only strobe capabilities made it very difficult to set up tent.
The pilots succeeded without being seen, and settled in for the night
with empty stomachs and a sigh of relief. Emergency rations included
two Fig Newtons, a pint of Belgain Ale molecules, and an expired Cliff
energy bar that tasted like stale dessert wine.

Morning came and Skunk and Vomit got out of their renegade camping
spot as early as possible to avoid capture. Once again over the
endless g-wells, they made it back to the Plymouth System to refuel.
The decision was made to bail on the rest of the mission and take the
train back from the Kingston System. Before leaving Plymouth, the
pilots decided to take in some of the majestic local sites. They made
use of the public restrooms at the Mayflower II and visited Plymouth
Rock, the nation's most dissapointing and anticlimactic tourist
attraction. After being sufficiently under-awed at the historic sites
the pilots continued on to the train station and made the trip back to
beloved Fort Summer, where Skunk and Vomit rested with takeout
molecules and rented movies.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 1827.65  
vomit Jan Brady 717.421   Vice Admiral
Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size2 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years98.6
G-Well Activity4.821
Technical Rating1.849