Status: Success


Mission To Larz

As anticipated, SCULimpics completely wiped everyone out. At the dawn of a new day Skunk rose to some difficult problems. First the time that Larz started was much earlier than he had thought. This meant that he had to get USB Catastrophe there by ten, and be back to lead the SCUL mission at 12. Secondly there was no real way to safely display Catastrophe without fear of the hundred pound ship falling on top of some priceless nineteen pound show bike. A transport was in order. Skunk packed up Catastrophe and headed off to the Brookline System, with a brief stop at Luna Seven to pick up a sturdy bike stand. Upon returning to base he found no pilots up to the challenge of piloting choppers back out. Skunk boarded USB SkyLab and returned to Larz, with three SCUL pilots aboard their civi ships.

The surface of the planet becomes unbearably hot in the day, as all pilots know. This day was no exception. But in order to observe the Larz Anderson Bike Show we must find ways to survive. Shade was scarce, and we were far from any refreshment molecules, which had to be shipped in from light years away. Nonetheless it was worth the trip. Many fine yachts were on display: road, track, touring, ordinaries, recumbents, you name it. Catastrophe looked out of place amongst the slight models. Surprisingly enough Catastrophe won Best Custom, a third consecutive victory for SCUL.

By the time the merchants were packing, RadioBox was completely drained of power from her triple shift (SCULimpics Day, SCULimpics Night, and Larz), so we jettisoned her into DBD's transport and headed back to Fort Berkeley for a much needed rest. It was an entire week before the RadioBox reached full charge status again. It took a week for Skunk to recover from sunburn too.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 492.523  
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 492.523  
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Berkeley
DestinationLars Anderson Transportation Museum and Victory
Light Years22.103
G-Well Activity8.253
Technical Rating3.842