Status: Success


Derelict Retrieval Duty

This Level D mission's objective was to search for derelict crafts adrift in the Allston System. There was an holiday on Monday, forcing the derelict retrieval brigade to delay pickup for a day. This "trash convergence" is rare and must be taken full advantage of. There are disadvantages to a Friday night trash hunt in LA: there are several parties going on until very early in the morning. This creates drunks wandering the streets into the early morning. One citizen during this mission yelled out. "That kid's got a bike - HEY!" as if the pilot was stealing the ship. Skunk yelled back "WHAT!?". There was no response to the hail. Two derelict craft were retrieved successfully. Needless to say this taxed USB Famine to it's very limits of cargo capacity.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Fleet Admiral Skunk Famine 175.088   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Reporter Fleet Admiral Skunk

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 1 pilot
OriginFort Francis
DestinationThe Allston System
Light Years11.5
G-Well Activity2.1667
Technical Rating1.625