Status: Success


Why Does It Always Radiate On My Parade?

we were split from the beginning. it was hard core to the max...
the renegade group was p0VV3n3d111 ! But we got Moose in the end. Holla!
Went to Snarlac and Slugs funky on the way. Much
vocalizing was had. WEEEEEEEEEEE! Stopped by Fort Inman and poked Rock
Stizzy...who met up with us at Fort Magazine...
Once there we drank home brew and sodas, played on the roof, and met
up with pilots on various deviating flights: KTron, MegaSeth, Sammo,
Snarly, Slug, Rock*, and OppO.
We made a card for Barfly...who is healing in Chicago, and brought it
with us to be signed and loved by all.
The ride home was treacherous, but 3 of 5 pilots survived back to base...
with only one near miss crash from a catastophic cup.
Much fun was had.

PS: wet butts on chopper pilots are hot.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Captain Underpants Yer Mom 599.99   Chief Petty Officer
moose Loki Ducker 121.386   Ensign
Nosepicker Catastrophe 250.362   Master Chief Petty Officer
pecan Sugardaddy 245.624   Master Chief Petty Officer
Rotwang HiLo 35.8328  
Task Force Pilot
Airlock pecan
Beer Mule pecan
Beer Wrangler Captain Underpants
Deck Officer Diva
Flat Bag Nosepicker
Mission Debriefer Captain Underpants
Mission Leader Captain Underpants
Navigator Captain Underpants
Tailgunner pecan

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
Light Years5.983
G-Well Activity1.342
Technical Rating0.924